hi there, I’m Mary

My experience lies mostly in film production, and have worked with various people and businesses to create videos and podcast material. I have also had experience in working within a global advertising agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty. I have lived in Australia for a couple of years, where I freelanced and worked within a production company, Theola, as a producer.

I am trained in video editing, and have worked on projects such as the Drive By Dan. An Australian, Real Estate interview-based series. I have also combined my writing and editing together, to create spoken word videos for business conferences.

Apart from that, I write. I am a full time student at Oxford Brookes, working towards an M.A in Creative Writing.

I am also a tour guide in Oxford, and do several walking tours a week. You will spot me wearing a horrible lime green jacket.

I make great hummus, and enjoy reading novels and watching films. I also have a thing about organising my Spotify playlists into rigid categories.

Oh and coffee. I need coffee.