hi there, I’m Mary

Millennials can get a bad rap at times.

We did spend way too much time worrying about what Harry Potter house we would belong to.

We thought we could “find ourselves”, sleeping rough in vans around the world.

And, we have let too many house plants die.

But despite all of this, we did conquer the online thing quite well.

So, like a lot of my generation, what I have to offer the world is… content.

My experience lies mostly in film production; bringing together the right people, putting a budget and timeline together. I have worked with businesses to create videos (and podcast) material for social media marketing. I have also had experience in working within, a global advertising agency, (Bartle Bogle Hegarty), and in a small production company in Australia.

Video editing is also a passion of mine. I have worked mostly on story based editing, creating short online videos such as the Drive By Dan series. I have also combined my writing and editing together, to create tailor made spoken word pieces for businesses conferences.

I have recently began doing property photography. So if you have a place, that needs to look better than it is, give me a shout.

Apart from that, in my free time I love to write. I eat hummus and enjoy reading and watching films. I also have a thing about organising my Spotify playlists into rigid categories.

Oh and coffee. I need coffee.

I am a millennial after all.